Personalized Plans

Are you looking to improve your tennis, but have hit the net?

Personalized training plans are perfect for players who are looking to rise to the next level. With a mix of mental training, goal oriented targets and meetups we offer you the chance to go beyond your potential.

These are virtual programs for players who are not close enough, or have the time, to be with us on an ongoing basis.

This way the player can attend their respective academy and incorporate our program with the regular tennis they play. This will not disturb their schedule in anyway and can benefit them as they work on their individual objectives.

Plan Specifics

1. Mental Training; The primary aim of the plan is to develop the mental skills of the player. The ability to think and become the ‘New Athlete‘ of tomorrow. The training will involve:

– Confidence
– Concentration
– Awareness
– Interpersonal Skills, etc…

All mental skills will be taught through a system of goals that will be given to the player specific to what they need to be working on, and what is most important for them. Taking into consideration their entire development profile.

We will provide the directions for each day/week which the player has to follow and report to us digitally on their progress once a week.

2. Meetups: To further enhance these skills we will have individual or group meetups to evaluate and make sure that our goals are being achieved.

The plan comes with 2 meetups per month, on weekend mornings, where we will work for an extended period of time on a number of elements based on the program.

Meetup trainings will last 2.5 hours and include:

– Agility
– Tennis (Technical/Mental)
– Fitness
– Mobility, Flexibility etc…

Also included are 2 video conversations per month for 20 minutes each.

Plan Details

To learn more about the program, including costs, please fill up the form below with your name and contact information:

We suggest a minimum of 2 months to actively see positive results.


The program you will be getting will be highly customized and you agree that it will not be shared, transmitted, published or re-sold to anyone, or any entity, in part or in full. Doing so will make you ineligible to continue using our services and forfeiture of any costs paid.

Developing mental skills requires the trainer to be qualified to coach the player. The instructor for this program is a certified Mental Coach with the ISMCA.