Billie Jean King and Andy Murray – Amanpour

Two champions of the tennis world, both on the same page of history as they make their case for equality.

In a recent interview on CNN, Christiane Amanpour, invited Billie Jean King (founder of WTA) and Andy Murray to discuss the topic around the possible merger of the ATP and WTA.

In our recent post, I had stated the Pros and Cons and Ms. King did mention that both of them coming together would have a certain ‘Cha-ching’ factor to it. Implying that more money could be made available to the sport via sponsors.

Pros – More sponsors, bigger venues and more tennis to watch.

Merging the ATP and WTA

Other topics brought up in the interview were:

  • Bringing in more women to represent international tennis
  • More women coaches to be promoted in the sport
  • Relief fund for players
  • Advising all players to work on fitness twice as hard in this time

You can watch the interview below (length: 20 mins)

If I were Serena, you have to be more fit than you ever thought possible.

– Blllie Jean King


As a tennis community, we are stronger if we are together. I agree with Ms. King when she mentions that we’re in a business, and we are up against other international sports. In India, we’re basically up against Cricket!

If the tennis community wants more opportunities for the entire ‘sport’ in the country there has to be a collective effort. The knock off effect will not just benefit those at the top ranks, but also the local hobbyists who would see themselves as part of a bigger picture.

In the end, we all win. Even if someone else gets the accolades.

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