30 Days of HIIT, Day 1

Looking to get into shape for the coming tennis season? Doing some High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) can really take your fitness levels up a few levels.

What is HIIT?

The concept of HIIT is to focus on either weight loss, muscle tone or to improve endurance with workouts that take your body to the performance limit in a short amount of time. This series of workouts targets your core, abs and your midsection. It also gives focus on your upper body and legs as well.

You can do them in the comfort of your home or right before you get on with practice for the day. Remember to stay hydrated and listen to your body.

Disclaimer: Do not perform these exercises if you have any injury, get rehabilitation first. If you get short of breath, feel fatigued or tired during any of these workouts, stop and take a break and follow another workout regimen. Consult a doctor/trainer if necessary before starting any workout session. Children should do them under supervision of an adult.

These workouts are taken from the Darebee 30 days of HIIT program.

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