Building Power and Explosiveness

As you grow playing the game of tennis your body will grow with you. Naturally this means that as a player you will become more strong, this translates into power for your game.

Using this strength the right way in tennis will help you build a power game that will put your opponents on the defensive, from there the point, game and match are yours.

Some drills that help with developing upper and core power:

  • Medicine ball throw drills, from the forehand and backhand sides
  • Throwing the medicine ball on the ground with a lift off on the feet
  • Throwing the medicine ball up in the air while lifting your feet once again
  • Hopping over cones and balancing on the outside leg, then catch and throw the medicine ball
  • Hop over 3 sets of cones towards the baseline and sprint to the net

Here’s a video of some of the above drills we did as part of the initiative by the India Tennis League to help players take their games up a few levels.

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