Improve Your Serve: Stronger Wrists and Forearms

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The fastest serve ever recorded in professional tennis belongs to Sam Groth, of Australia. He hit a 263 kph ace during an ATP Challenger event in Busan, South Korea. To better understand that, imagine the length of 3 tennis courts and the ball crossing all of them in 1 second.

The physicality in the modern tennis game cannot be discounted. With each passing year fitness, being healthy and injury free are the key factors for coming up to an international competitive level.

Your serve is the only shot in tennis you have full control over. From the toss, contact, power, spin and direction. You can do whatever you want to it, as long as your body is able to carry out the techniques and properties you want your serve to have.

Here are some wrist and forearm workouts, that can help you build a better serve, and stay injury free in the long term.


Increasing wrist and forearms flexibility, strength and range of motion through various exercises will help keep them in top shape for your game. The above diagram shows the various movements that your hands will undergo in a serve or any stroke, and what they each are called.

If you already posses a strong serve, it’s important to keep the basics as part of your routine.

The video below has a good set of workouts you can use to help you build strong arms, joints and range of motion.

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