Introducing the Player Development Program

It has been over 3 years since ITL started and we’ve done a lot of tournaments, events and even a foreign trip! While we will continue to do these tournaments and offer players options to compete at local events, and in other cities, it’s time for us to do something unique.

Introducing the…


The Player Development Program will aim to bring together the best possible information and methodology a player, and parent, can adopt to train and grow as a young junior, college athlete or as a budding professional.

This program will be one of the focal endeavors of ITL where we will strive to learn, share and achieve together.

Players, and parents are too often given wrong, or even bad, advice from various sources. What if you could have information presented and given to you which is researched, proven and effective!

ITL has been accumulating resources, implementing them in our workshops and even experimenting on themselves. Professionals around the world in any sport, or area of work, use certain methods and science to get to the next level. We hope to be one of your ‘go to’ resources.


At first, it will be written content, some videos, interviews, analysis and related content. Overtime it will offer specialized information accumulated from experts, input from 3rd party sources and even a lot of our own original data.


Some of it will be, the rest will be available to active members of ITL. So if you haven’t renewed or joined us, now is probably a good time.


Simply visit our website every week, or join our Facebook page, so you can know exactly when we post new content. Until next time, happy hitting!

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