ITL 2019, Year In Review

Another year goes by and we’re here to look back on it. Before we go through our list of notable events, and achievements, we’d like to offer some perspective which we have attained in 2019.

It’s About The Player, Not Us

For those who may not know, our mission has always been:

To mentor, promote and prepare those who wish to pursue tennis as professional players, or as tennis professionals at an international level.

Whenever we look at this mission we ask ourselves “Are we meeting those expectations for ourselves?“. Does the league have what it takes to provide any junior with the opportunity to advance in their sport career?

Today we can say that YES, we do.

If any player were to approach us today we can wholeheartedly guide them on a career path that will lead them to top level junior success, and beyond. Our list of expertise includes:

  1. U.S College Tennis Scholarships
  2. Tournament planning, local and ITF
  3. Wildcard assistance for ITF junior tournaments
  4. Diet and Nutrition
  5. Agility, Flexibility, Mobility and Strength training
  6. Tennis specific fitness
  7. Bio-mechanics
  8. Rehabilitation
  9. and most importantly, Mental training

To bring all of this together under one umbrella we’ve formed a Personalized Development Plan which combines most of the above into one package. It’s something we’re passionate about and have given a lot of thought and process. The plan is set up in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with your regular tennis program, but enhances each practice session you have*. Visit the above link to find out more.

*We have already done a pilot program with a few players and have positive results from it.

Back With UTR

After some negotiations we are now under a new contract with UTR, and can officially conduct them in Hyderabad once again.

With players from Bangalore and Mumbai visiting us to play we’re happy to see that the banner of these tournaments is spreading over India. Hopefully in the next few months we should be able to see it bring more talent in, propagating our effort to make the event more competitive than it already is.

Our format, which gives all players 3 guaranteed matches in two days, sets the bench mark for providing a worthwhile time on court. Not too mention the match playing skills it develops as they play against opponents with various abilities in a shorter period of time.

This has been proven to increase their overall game, regardless of the score.

Mental Training

ITL now has its CEO, certified as an official ISMCA Mental Coach. More and more data every single year points to Mental Fitness as one of the primary weapons of elite level professionals.

Most of our juniors, and parents, today face the dilemma of going over the next step once they’ve reached a certain level. The major difference lies in when the parents think for their child, on whether they have the belief to work hard and earn a livable life through this sport. Especially as we read every other week about how some sportsperson are struggling.

This belief should not be something you try and put in place at the age of 18. It needs to start much earlier than that. Especially do not take take the 10th and 12th grade off. Let them continue to play and train with a balanced schedule. Stopping practice, for weeks or months, is nothing but a nail in the coffin. It’s better to not have started at all.

Sometimes it looks like parents need more mental training than players. Don’t let abrupt decisions foil away hopes and dreams. With proper planning and advice you can create a system where the player is advancing in their playing skills without losing out on good grades.

Techniques to train the mind to be more alert and increase cognition can be taught through mental training programs. This helps the player’s game at all levels and guides them through tough times in school, practice and matches. The word pressure just melts away and becomes a source of energy. Get in touch with us to discuss on the topic.

Notable Performances

Yes, we remember all the cool and amazing matches we’ve witnessed.

In the Boys U12 category, a recent match played between Atharva Sriramoju and P. V. Aryan was a 2.5 hour battle. With each point going the distance. These boys really put on a show of grit and inner desire. The last 2 points in the tie-break were straight out of a scripted movie scene. These are the matches that change a player’s psychology. Good going you both!

In the Girls U12 category, all the way back in June, Minal Kalyan and Zenia Kler played a 2 set match which kept going and eventually finished under flood lights! Once again the ball just exchanged sides and graced each player’s strokes. A match to remember, as the younger Minal tried to keep each rally going and aiming for a winner. But Zenia was not having any of it that evening.

In the Boys U14 category, Abhay Banda kept bumping into B. Suprith Reddy. Or, was it the other way around? Both of them always have exciting game play to offer. It’s electric to watch and observe how one’s game changes over the months as they kept competing throughout the year. Keep climbing those steps boys, you’re getting there.

In the Girls U14 category, Spoorthi Chava made a new year statement back in Jan 2019 with no games lost to her previous year’s losing matchup. Maintaining the same momentum till April, she and Shreya Mandalapu played one of the longest tie-breaks in the Hyderabad summer! A total of 28 points. It’s a good thing we had umbrellas that day to shield us from the sun.

In the Boys U18 category, it was a pity that only 3 people got to witness the match between Noah Jaffari and Rohan Kumar in 2019’s last UTR event. Even though they’ve been playing each other as friends for years, and have been in 2 CS7 doubles finals together (winning one), they never really competed against each other. Let alone a final. We needed 2 umpires to watch the lines as we couldn’t keep up with the ball speed. A match to remember indeed.

In the Girls U18 category, Shresta Puducheri and Somitha Gudivada set up regular meetings and each match proved to be a contest against themselves. Each point had a story to tell and an element of the player’s passion to win it. Hope that they can take this and go one level up. Keep fighting girls, you’re doing good!

These are just a few, there have been many, many more. But we can’t possibly fit it all into this post. Hopefully you’ll be around on court to see the next ones.

Final Thoughts

An eventful end to the decade as we made strides with establishing processes which will help us move forward in a more established manner.

Our focus for the next couple of months will be to put in place a consistent UTR tournament schedule, regular mental training weekends and begin our consultation services for U.S College tennis.

India Tennis League looks forward to seeing you in 2020, and beyond!

With best wishes and prayers for the New Year from our CEO, Hyder Jaffari.

– Team @ ITL

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  1. Very well written, wish all the players this decade brings a rewarding professional heights to reach higher goals and bring laurels to the country in this exciting game

  2. Vamsee Korlipara

    Appreciate your efforts and thank you for providing a platform for the kids to bring out the best. Wishing you and all the players a successful year.

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