Who Uses UTR?

The Universal Tennis Ranking (UTR) is used by a wide variety of tennis establishments, associations and leagues worldwide…like ITL!

The most popular among them are:

1. ITA Tennis – This is the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, which is responsible for tennis in all the colleges and universities in the United States. They have partnered with UTR to help in ranking their Summer Circuit tournaments and other events as well.

2. World Team Tennis – Co-founded by Billie Jean King, World Team Tennis has an innovative team format and dual gender match play. Some of the world’s best players, like Venus Williams and Jack Sock, compete annually for the King Trophy. Even our own Leander Paes has been a regular in this format held every year in the United States.

3. Tennis Associations Worldwide – Athletes affiliated with the International Tennis Federation, the Association of Tennis Professionals,  the Women’s Tennis Association, the United States Tennis Association, Tennis Europe, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, Tennis Australia, and the Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain all use UTR to help rank themselves against each other.

We, at the India Tennis League, are committed to bringing you more tournaments that use the UTR format of play and ranking, so that players can get a ranking early in their junior career.


That there are over 2000 colleges in the United States that offer some form of tennis scholarship* to students who have a good worldwide ITF or UTR tennis ranking. So start building up your UTR ranking today!

Compete in the first UTR Junior Ranking Tournament (U12, U14 & U16) in India, right here in Hyderabad!

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