A More Universal Approach to Ranking

AITA points, local state points, ITL points…how many rankings do you actually need?

ITL has used an independent system of ranking from its inception and it has worked well to help players differentiate their talent. The fact that we give a point for each game won has enabled lots of players to know that even if they lose in the 1st round they still performed to the best of their ability, and their subsequent rankings helps them stay motivated.

Universal Tennis Ranking (UTR)

What is UTR?

UTR is a number between 1 and 16.5 that you’re allocated based on your level of play. Three factors go into the rating: Competition, Score and Recent History.

How do I get UTR points?

By playing UTR events, this way you can measure your game play not just against local players but also see how you compare against players in any part of the globe!

If you are a serious junior player then you are probably already playing ITF Junior tournaments, in which case you will automatically get UTR points from your playing history.

Did you know, all active ATP ranked players have UTR, even Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Juan Martin del Potro etc…!

What are the benefits of UTR?

Many leagues, and associations, around the world are already using this ranking system to help them score their players competitive level. For juniors, this is even more important as the “Intercollegiate Tennis Association” in the United States exclusively uses this system for ranking their players in their league tournaments.

A better UTR in your junior years can help lead you to a potential scholarship with a U.S college/university, which has a tennis team. As UTR is a very straightforward rating system, coaches generally put a lot of importance on it for scouting and recruiting players for their colleges.

So start building up your UTR now.

Who is conducting UTR events in India?

At present, no one.

The India Tennis League has started the initiative and we are awaiting approval for our first tournament to get sanctioned by the UTR. Once approved, we will conduct it in Hyderabad for the benefit of all players. We hope to conduct all of our tournaments using the UTR system of points and ranking from here on.

Get Started

You can sign up for your UTR account right away, it’s free. Once we are ready to start conducting tournaments you will be the first to know via our website. So keep checking back here for new information.

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