30 Days of HIIT, Day 30

The final day! You did it, we did it…I did it!!! (whew!)

OK, let’s do:
– 20 seconds of high knees
– 20 seconds of jumping jacks
– 20 seconds of side to side jumps

Rest for 1 minute between each round.

5 rounds for Level 1, 10 rounds for Level 2, 15 rounds for Level 3

I hope by now most of you would have reached Level 3, if so give yourself a pat on the back and a BIG congratulations from me!

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Disclaimer: Do not perform these exercises if you have any injury, get rehabilitation first. If you get short of breath, feel fatigued or tired during any of these workouts, stop and take a break. Consult a doctor/trainer if necessary before starting any workout session. Children should do them under supervision of an adult.

These workouts are taken from the Darebee 30 days of HIIT program.

http://darebee.com/programs/30-days-of hiit

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