A Players Journey: Aneesh

Ever since the first tournament Aneesh has been a regular with ITL. Watching him grow over the years has been a journey for us as well.

His trophy cabinet must be overflowing with the amount of tournaments he’s won in the U10, U12 and lately in the U14 category. Our observations of Aneesh have shown him to be tenacious, ever focused and always analyzing his game play and his opponents weakness.

Personally, I’m slightly concerned with his love of chocolate. But every one has a weak point, I’m sure Aneesh will learn to control that temptation with time 🙂

The other side of Aneesh, is not a different personality or attitude, in fact it’s his parents. His father dutifully watches each of his matches and I see them having conversations about how he played and where he could improve on afterwards. They’re invested into his future potential and this is important for any player’s journey. To have someone not just wait for you at matches but talk about it as well and help you see it from a different perspective.


Aneesh has also been regularly playing the UTR tournaments being conducted by ITL. Which, sadly, not many kids are taking advantage off.

As he builds his match history with UTR, his rating at present is an 8, he will soon find himself rising in profile on the international stage. As per UTR, he is right now in the same competitive bracket as an Under 16 boy or Under 18 girl.

UTR Profile of Aneesh

College tennis, in the U.S, is becoming a great option for a lot of young players and building a UTR that’s above average will help open up a lot of doors later in any player’s journey.

We wish Aneesh all the best and hope to catch up at a later time and see where his journey will take him.

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