A Players Journey: Dylan

When does inspiration become an idea, and when does an idea become reality?

How often do we come across an event in life which forces us to change course and start looking for something relevant. In terms of tennis, how do we find that spark to WANT something more than that what we may have already achieved.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching a lot of great matches in our tournaments in Bangalore. Make no mistake, the city is full of talent. One of the boys in our league there is Dylan. He’s got a calm air about him and won’t let a point gone wrong get in his way. Always finishing up with a smile, even if it’s to hide his disappointment at times.

Last year, Dylan, in his words, said to his dad, “I only want to play ITL tournaments“. That made me feel not just happy, but obligated as well. Children like Dylan need to be given targets as they are clearly capable of making big decisions. This will help them shape their future, among other things around them. I told him, via his father, that he should play other tournaments too and work towards making himself better in each one with a different goal. Competing in the National tournaments thereafter, he was able to get to 3 finals finishing up as the finalist in each.

Today, when his father lets me know of his 2nd tournament win in the Under 10 age group, it’s nothing but an idea which Dylan decided to make a reality. A fabulous achievement for our young league member 🙂 !

Dylan (right) with his Boys Under 10 winners trophy

We here at ITL wish him all the best and continued success as we follow his career. I hope other kids reading this, and parents, find the inspiration they may need at times for their ideas, and pursue them to reality!

Till next time, wishing you aces!

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  1. One of the things that stands out is Hyder’s passion to share his learning as a tennis parent. In a cricket obsessed country, his contribution to tennis stands out because of his commitment to giving kids an great tennis experience. Small things like valuing the time of the kids and the parents make the ITL an enjoyable experience. That apart, he’s always been happy to share his learning from his own journey. Dylan has grown immensely from the ITL experience and translated some of his success there into results on the more competitive hard nosed AITA circuit.

    Thanks Hyder for your advice and your personal commitment. It takes a lot to travel and spend so many weekends away from home standing in the sun and providing quality officiating in all the Bangalore ITL tournaments!

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