A Player’s Journey: Minal

Living life with a clear conscience will usually bring about the best results for you on a day to day basis. Use that same mentality on the tennis court and you will probably end up with a similar outcome.

Watching innumerable matches over the years it becomes easier to spot clarity of mind and body. Players will wear it on their sleeve as a badge of honor. Fist pumps and come on’s are common, what’s not common is the state of mind which says – “It’s not over yet, get back and finish it”. Walking to the baseline to receive, or serve, the next point with the same determination is where the real difference lies.

A Sure and Steady Climb

As a player Minal showcases her clarity of where she wants to be and what she wants to achieve. This allowed her to finish as the year end Number 1 for 2018 in the ITL Under 10 rankings. Making strides in 2019 she has taken on competitors in the U12 category and gives a fight in each of her matches.

School Singles Championships

Her recent form has led her to be the winner in her school Singles Championships, for the 2nd year running. Congratulations on the achievement!

We wish her a steady and consistent climb in accolades and game play. Even though the journey has just begun, we’re happy that ITL could provide the opportunity so she can explore her potential.

Player Development

Minal continues to participate in ITL’s Player Development initiative. Under a personalized program her fitness, footwork, point play strategy and many other areas have been the focus of her development for the past couple of months.

She is otherwise regularly trained by Mr. Mohammed Ghouse at Professional Tennis Academy, Manikonda.

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