Learn Concentration to Become a Champion

The 2019 ATP Finals proved to explosive as the NextGen finally made their mark. With a lot of new players this time around, the Finals were a precursor to the future of tennis.

The Journey Starts With Concentration

This is a word spoken by millions of coaches and teachers around the world, concentrate! But what does it actually mean?

The journey of Stefanos Tsitsipas starts with it, as does any Pro player’s in the world. But before that let’s look at Dominic Thiem.

I was travelling with him as a hitting partner in the first year, and he gave me a lot of experience of what it’s going to be like on the tour. Nothing better can happen to a 19-year old. I think back then he was top-100, but he has the potential to be a consistent top-10 player, there’s nothing better to happen than this.

– Dominic Thiem who was a hitting partner for Ernest Gulbis as a 19 year old around 2012/2013

A few years later, Dominic had a session with Stefanos as a hitting partner back in 2016, when Stefanos himself was 18 years old.

Being a hitting partner at the elite level is not advertised or given to anyone that shows up on the court.

At this level, only players who can hit balls over and over again without skipping a beat are given this chance. Professional hitters travel with the circuit and are paid by whomever requires their services. Usually it’s people they know over the years, or an upcoming junior who can handle the elite level as well.

Training The Mind

This article is not about becoming a professional hitter, it’s about realizing that your mindset controls the ultimate destination you want to see yourself at. For Dominic and Stefanos it was being the last 2 men left standing.

The level of concentration required to do this is not something taught in a day or via an article. It has to be trained, it has to be inculcated and it has to be lived.

When you are given the mental skills to learn how to concentrate that’s when you find your ‘focus‘ improving. The one word every tennis player probably hates because they hear it 100 times in practice, but regular coaches don’t actually know how to train “to be focused”.

Start Mental Training Today

Mental skills must be learned over time, and with specific triggers to help one get comfortable with the process.

We share how to develop this skill, if you would like to learn enroll in our upcoming mental training workshop. We will touch on the concepts a player needs to include in their daily practice if they want to develop the focus to play at higher levels.

No matter which sport you play having regular mental training sessions will benefit and provide a lifestyle change. Leading you to the destination you see yourself at.

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