How Often Should You Change Your Strings?

Every tennis player has gone through it, the uncomfortable ‘tick’ sound you hear when your strings break. We’ve all been there and the anxiety of waiting to get your racket back from the stringers is probably the longest wait a tennis player can experience.

So instead of waiting for them to break, is it wiser to get them changed every now and then?

The short answer: Yes, it is.

The long answer: Depending on your game and style of play you can wait anywhere from 1 week to whenever they break before your strings need changing.

Daily active players will feel the need to change their strings every couple of weeks. Since the tension goes down and the strings start to cut into each other, it does have a noticeable effect on your game.

If you play occasionally, you need not worry about it too much, change your strings only when you truly find your shots not executing as you expect them too.

So the next time you step on the court, ask yourself to check your strings after your match and visit your local stringing center if needed.

Things to check before you get new strings:

  • String type
  • String specialty (spin, power, control)
  • String weight
  • Stringing tension

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