How Often Should You Play Tournaments?

As you train on your game everyday, so should you train on how you will use that game in a match.

What better way to do that then to play a tournament?!

Here is the general consensus worldwide for the amount of tournaments a junior player should compete in a calendar year.

For intermediate players:
15 – 20 tournaments per year (singles & doubles)

For advanced players:
20 – 25 tournaments per year (singles & doubles)

You can expect a senior or professional player to compete in the same amount of tournaments in one calendar year as well.

As always, it’s is ultimately up to the player on how comfortable they are in playing one or two tournaments per month. Of course at times you may want to take some time off, which is just fine. Remember to always pace yourself and do not do too much otherwise your body might not be able to cope.

Remember to have proper rest after a tournament, don’t go immediately back on the tennis court. The recommended rest time is 1 – 2 days after each tournament.

At ITL we plan on having at least 1 – 2 tournaments per month in local academies. Stay tuned to our tennis event calendar to know when the next tournament is.

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