Improve Your Tennis Backhand

A few years back a popular online YouTube channel called Top Tennis Training was requesting videos to do analysis for any player. We sent in a video to get tips on how to improve the backhand. Three years on it has over 200,000 views and has helped many others looking to improve their shots.

Here it is below for your own learning.

Tennis Two Handed Backhand Technique

Backhand Training Tips

Starting Position: From the ready/neutral stance you must get into the ‘Starting Position’ with your racquet face towards the side of the court. The key is to get into that position as quickly as you can, this is also known as the power position. It will help in your preparation and you won’t be late to make your shots.

Racquet faces the side of the court (as shown above)

Trunk/Hips: Work on the rotational power of the trunk and hips. Opening up the hips will help in power and recovery. So if you make a backhand shot that is taking you out of the court you can use your rotation to help bring you back into play almost immediately.

The other element it helps you on is time, once you start playing higher level tennis you will need to start managing your timing. Implementing a recovery system with the help of your hips will mean you need less time to get back to the ready stance, and you also take time away from your opponent.

Left leg is driven to the side after contact, as shown above, to help in power transfer and recovery

Hope the above tips helps you out. Good luck to all looking to improve their backhand!

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