The Birth of Tennis Stars in Hyderabad

There isn’t one weekend in the city where there are at least 3 or 4 local tournaments and at least 1 national level event going on. With so many options to play, it automatically breeds champions and potential future stars.

One fact does stand out, from the next Super Series tournament to be held on Feb 17th, 2020 the below players have all played one, two…ten or more tournaments in India Tennis League. Some are regular fixtures on our monthly events, some have moved on to bigger draws and some have just gotten started.

First Played ITL in 2016

Aneesh Sharma – First played SEP, 2016
Shashank Sai Prasad – First played SEP, 2016
Rishita Basireddy – First played SEP, 2016
Pushti Laddha – First played SEP, 2016
Suswanth M. Reddy – First played SEP, 2016
Vanshika Vaiz – First played OCT, 2016
Kreethika Reddy – First played OCT, 2016
Dhanvitha Reddy – First played NOV, 2016
Ritvik Nadikude – First played NOV, 2016
V. Pranav Reddy – First played NOV, 2016
Srividya M. – First played DEC, 2016

First Played ITL in 2017

Sowkhya Gaddam – First played FEB, 2017
Thaniya Sarai – First played, MAR 2017
Vedant Gundu – First played APR, 2017
Shanvitha Reddy – First played MAY, 2017
Havish Kumar – First played MAY, 2017
Torita Chakravarty – First played MAY, 2017
Rishi Dev Manikonda – First played MAY, 2017
Anish Jain – First played JUN, 2017
Sama Chevika – First played JUL, 2017
Laxmi Dyuthi – First played JUL, 2017
V. Sai Ananya – First played JUL, 2017
Thikshani M. – First played JUL, 2017
Srivally M. – First played JUL, 2017
Nysa Sharma – First played AUG, 2017
Hiya Jitesh – First played AUG, 2017
Sai Surya Sanjith – First played AUG, 2017
Sahasra K. – First played SEP, 2017
Harini Gadiraju – First played SEP, 2017
Hrisheek Vavilapally – First played 2017

First Played ITL in 2018

Harshith Srivatsav – First played JAN, 2018
Sreemanya Reddy – First played JAN, 2018
E. Saanvi Reddy – First played JAN, 2018
Aakanksha Reddy – First played MAR, 2018
Divija Manneni – First played MAR, 2018
Tejaswi Manneni – First played MAR, 2018
Avni Paturi – First played MAR, 2018
Aditi Paturi – First played MAR, 2018
Rishitha Bokka – First played AUG, 2018
Pranav C. – First played NOV, 2018
Bhavyanand Reddy – First played 2018
Dhriti Reddy – First played 2018

First Played ITL In 2019

Sreenidhi Amireddy – First played APR, 2019
Chinmayee C. Kotha – First played APR, 2019
Chetan C. Kotha – First played APR, 2019
Myra Jain – First played JUL, 2019
Sai Simha Reddy – First played SEP, 2019

That is a total of 47 players who are in the main draw/qualifying of the tournament. No other local organizer, or league, has a platform which has seen so many players in the national rankings pass through it like ITL has since 2016!

Of course, the hard work of the players cannot be discounted. They deserve every little bit of success they have achieved. We’re just happy we could be a part of their journey.

Our goal is intensified every time a player who we have seen grow over the course of a few tournaments, months and even years plays bigger events, and wins. It’s why we do what we do.

Onward and upwards!

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