Is Tennis The Most Physical Sport?

The world of sport is huge, there are so many disciplines and variations of sport in all corners of the globe that knowing them all will probably take a lifetime.

For now, we’ll focus on tennis. Because we are the India Tennis League after all!

How Physically Demanding Is Tennis?

nadal-muscleIf you asked 20 different people you’ll get 20 different answers. But if you ask 1000 people who play tennis professionally around the world you will get the most common answer.

That tennis is, in fact, the most physically demanding sport of all.

Don’t believe me? Take Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon winner Ashton Eaton’s word for it. where In an interview he said:

“I personally believe tennis is the next most athletic sport next to the decathlon…Just because of certain things required. Those matches are three or four hours long, there’s the technical aspect, the agility, the mind-body awareness. Not to mention the game itself is a little bit like a chess match”. – source

Here are some things a tennis player is supposed to be good at:

  1. Footwork – Rapid stop and go movements
  2. Stamina – Being able to play at a high level for as long as it is needed for the match
  3. Endurance – Being able to hit a ball, after getting to it first, with the same level of power for as long as it is required
  4. Balance – While you are running around the court and stop immediately, you better have the balance to hit that ball
  5. Core Strength – Those 200 kmph serves don’t come without a powerhouse of core strength
  6. Flexibility – You can’t be a pro tennis player without being flexible, it’s just not possible
  7. Strength – Even though most players are lean, their muscles are capable of super human strength
  8. Mental Strength – The only exercise that you can do to develop mental strength to go pro is to play this game for years, and years, and years…

There is probably more that I’m missing, but in essence the above list is the basics of becoming a professional tennis player.

What about you, what do you think? Does tennis demand a lot from their professionals?

Is it the most physical sport in the world? Leave your comment below.

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