Preparing Yourself For Tournaments

As junior professionals the most important part of your training is perhaps the tournaments you take part in. Because that is when you get tested, not just against your opponents but also against yourself.

How To Prepare Yourself Before Tournaments

  • Two Weeks Before
    Work on your strengths and fine tune them to the point where you know you cannot make a mistake with them. Do a lot of footwork and general fitness, make sure to get enough sleep in between your training sessions.
  • One Week Before
    Keeping your service games is crucial when you play a match and so is returning your opponents serve so you can stay in the point. The more you work on these before your matches the better confidence you will have during a match. This is a good time to also work on your weaknesses and give them some practice. The fresher your practice stays on your weak areas the better you will be able to perform on them in a match.
  • The Night Before
    Get a good nights sleep, you can’t play your best if you are not rested enough. Make sure you eat a well balanced meal at least 2 hours, preferably 3 hours, before your match and give it your best!

Hope these steps help you play at your highest level!

Stay tuned to our India tennis tournaments page to know when ITL will be having matches for you to compete in!

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