ITL 2017, Year In Review

A full year of ITL tournaments in Hyderabad & Bangalore, a camp with Vishnu Vardhan, various fitness activities, a foreign trip to Europe and our first Masters level tournament! 2017 had a lot in store for us and it was an honor to share such wonderful memories with a very spirited group of people.

New City for ITL

ITL expanded into a new city in 2017 and it was a step we were eagerly looking forward to. Since the goal of ITL is to have pan-India tournaments in the near future, Bangalore proved to be the right choice for us. In fact, quite a lot of players from that city are in our year end Top 10 across various age groups. A great achievement for those on the list.

Fitness, Camps and Trips

It was not just tournaments that ITL has been busy with, we conducted a few one day fitness workshops and published a 30 Day HIIT program on our website, now available from Celota.

The 4 day tennis camp in January with Vishnu Vardhan was a great start to the year. It’s been exciting to follow his progress over the past year, as he nears the Top 100 on the ATP Doubles Rankings. We wish Vishnu all the best!

Flying to Europe for a 2 week camp, to train with the coach of the one of the top juniors in the world, proved to be very exciting for a few select players from Hyderabad. Robi Cokan was delighted to train players from a ‘foreign’ country, it was an experience that all involved will cherish for life.

ITL Masters

We conducted our first Junior Masters level tournament, where the most points are on offer, and it was a resounding success! With most of the top ITL players participating it was exciting to watch the tournament unfold.

2017 Year End Top 3

Junior GIRLS Junior BOYS

1. Rishitha Basireddy
2. Vanshika M. Vaiz
3. D. Laxmi Siri

1. Raheen Taranum
2. Tejal Batchu
3. Pushti Laddha

1. Roohi Taranum
2. Pushti Laddha
3. Raheen Taranum

1. N. Y. Sarmishtha
2. Roohi Taranum
3. Medha Sri Vollala


1. Aneesh Sharma
2. Hrisheek Vavilapally
3. Arnav Aitha

1. Aneesh Sharma
2. Lohit Krishna
3. Abhay Banda

1. Arnav Kumar
2. Syed Fazal Ali
3. P. Pranav Reddy

1. S. A. Noah Jaffari
2. Arnav Kumar
3. Syed Khasim Ali

Men’s Singles

1. Surya Pawan
2. Raj Rishi Keshari
3. Tarun Reddy

Men’s Doubles

1. Visakh V. S.
2. Surya Pawan
3. Raj Rishi Keshari

Congratulations to all the above players for showing your fighting spirit over the course of a whole year and participating with passion.

ITL Points & Online ID

From 2018 we will be making a slight change to the way we count our points, it’s already been updated on our main points page. The amendments are listed below.

  • All points will be on a 52 week rolling basis
  • Points will be calculated on the following formula: (Total points / 12) * Number of tournaments played.
  • Players must renew their membership by January 31st, otherwise they risk losing all their accumulated points and ranking.
  • All current points will be amended (by Jan 31st) with the above formula using 1 tournament as the base, players who have played the Masters tournament will be multiplied as follows: (Total points / 12) * 2. This will not change the rankings of players, except for those who have played the recent Masters and the first tournament in January.

Your online ID will now be treated as your ID card, and can be shown at any ITL event for entry purposes. If a player has not renewed their membership the online ID assigned to them will be deactivated till all dues are cleared.

I would also like to thank Mr. Sudhakar Batchu for coming forward to help sponsor ITL through his business, Figure Smoothies.

As 2018 rolls in we look forward to seeing you with us on this journey. New challenges and opportunities are coming up and we hope to share it with you. Until next time, see you on the court!

Hyder Jaffari

Pictures from the Ceremony

ITL Awards 2017 Top 3 from all the Junior categories and Men’s category.
Raheen Taranum wih here No.1 Trophy for the Girls U12 category
Most Improved Player Boys U10 – Hrisheek Vavilapally with his Wilson Tennis Racket presented by ITL
Sportsmanship Award 2017 to Aneesh Sharma with his Wilson tennis racket presented by ITL.
Most Improved Player Girls U10 – Minal Shaikh Kalyan with her Wilson tennis racket presented by ITL.
ITL Team with Mr. Sudhakar Batchu of Figure Smoothies, our sponsor.

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