The Difference A Year Can Make

On August 13th, 2017 it would have been exactly one year that ITL officially got started.

In order to introduce the concept, and reasoning behind the endeavor, we invited interested kids and their parents for a “Demo Day”. It was attended by all of 5 kids.


Today ITL is over 300+ strong and growing rapidly. We’ve expanded into Bangalore and will be conducting an “Elite” level tournament there in a week of writing this.

Going International?

Not only that, but exactly one year to the day of our launch we will be IN Ljubljana, Slovenia attending an advanced tennis camp with Robi Cokan, best coach of Slovenia 2016, who has trained a Wimbledon Junior Girls Doubles Champion!

This camp is being conducted in partnership with Celota, which is an upcoming fitness and nutrition initiative.

This speaks volumes of our commitment to providing the best in exposure to players and parents looking to further themselves in the sport.

We hope you will stay around for the years ahead and join us as we introduce more possibilities and adventures!

See you on the court!

– Hyder Jaffari

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